My yoga postings shall return on 9 December. I have been working through a tailbone fracture which began seven weeks ago, and posting about my modified Ashtanga practise is anything but appealing! But I am, indeed, almost completely healed!

In other news, for the past three days, I have added some third series to my practise. I’ve been using David Swenson’s online demonstration as guidance. AND OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!! I have achieved quite a break-through. For YEARS, placing my right leg behind the head was a grand challenge that I dreaded. But in watching Mr. Swenson do it, my mind was blown! He first takes sundial pose followed by draping of the leg behind the head. NOT ONLY DID I SUCCEED, but I fully executed all five LBH postures in the beginning of the third series! Holy moly batman. Doing the sundial posture first really helped me to turn out the femur bone like never before! I laid-back! I lifted-up! I side-planked! I forward-folded whilst standing! I stood-up! ALL WITH LEG BEHIND HEAD. So grateful that I opened my mind to view Mr. Swenson’s work. I always thought that he sounded boring and looked too old. Well colour me as formerly blind!

Speaking of “looking old,” in formal Nicole Marie Story Addict fashion, when I appreciate an actor’s performance, I tend to watch everything about the actor that I can find. As written in my last posting, Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates completely blew away my brain. I had heard rumours of his homosexuality, so when I read the synopsis of the 1962 Goodbye Again, I was intrigued. And my gasp at the ending of the film made Claudette’s little sweet head rise from her passionate slumber. The film is about, according to TCM, “A 40-year-old woman swaps her sophisticated lover for a young law student.” But this blurb does NO justice to the film’s striking power. The film is incredible. Anthony Hopkins and Ingrid Bergman delivered performances of their lives. Listening to Ms. Bergman exclaim, “I AM OLD!!!!!!!!! I AM OLD!!!!!!!!!” to justify her ending of things with Mr. Perkin’s character really hit me hard, as I am two months away from being her same age.

And true to form during film viewings, I research everything on Earth known about the actors. I learnt that Mr. Perkins married and produced two children (one of whom was born on MY birthday in 1976 and is a songwriter and looks just like his lovely father). Mr. Perkins died of HIV complications in 1992. And his widow, married to Mr. Perkins from 1972 until his death, died in the 11 September terror attacks. She was returning to her Los Angeles home, following a holiday on Cape Cod. Tragedy. May you rest in peace, lovely Mr. and Mrs. Perkins.

I am excited about the future state of sharing of my yoga practise. Additionally, I am reading the newest attempted hit job on the Trump administration, this time by failure press secretary Stephanie Grisham. In it, she blabs on and on about the “insensitivity” of the Trumps toward other humans, particularly when it regards sickness. She writes that the Trumps view sickness as weakness and by sharing of their personal stories of sickness, they would lose the image of strength. Why is this a bad thing to maintain strength? Yes, weak author Stephanie makes the point that if President Trump shared about his colonoscopy or shared about his experience with COVID that he could help more people. BUT THAT IS HE NOT. He did enough with making AMERICA great again. We need not do everything magical to be magical. Being half vegan is better than being a 100% meat eater. And with me? Sure, I could share the modified Ashtanga yoga practise with the world if that were me. It is not. So until 9 December, please do enjoy pictures of my little Claudette Barrette!

The light in me recognises the light in you.