With these words, I usher my sister Stephanie and bestie Rebecca into a magical world of beautiful reality. Replaying details from my dreams of the prior night, I describe the scenes as though they belong to classic Hollywood filmography. I have dreamt of my Gwendolyn exactly nine times since saying our Earthly goodbyes. Each time, I know that she is coming to me from beyond, sending a lovely message.

The first time happened four days after saying our goodbyes, two days before I was scheduled to meet Claudette on the farm. I dreamt of Claudette running on the farm, stopping to smile at the camera. And Gwendolyn came and stood beside Claudette, smiling, too. In the dream, my brain recognised this moment as Gwendolyn’s soul stepping into Claudette’s body. From that moment onward, so many things have happened to tell me that Gwendolyn is now living in her second body. She is living as Claudette.

This is the image from my dream, except that Gwendolyn was standing on the farm. Although she was very much like Zsa Zsa Gabor in her first body, I have no farm girl pictures of Gwendolyn to crop into Claudette’s farm experience! This is a capture of Claudette from the video which the breeder sent to me (right), and this is a picture of Gwendolyn from 2018 (left). Additionally, Claudette is standing in a patch of dandelions. I always called Gwendolyn as my little dandelion. Hereby Gwendolyn’s soul entered into the body of Claudette, in my dream.

OKAY CALL ME CRAZY! I know this is what my reader is thinking. But in almost 40 years of life on Earth, my dreams have proved prophetic on many occasions including imagining my sister before her birth in 1985, including seeing my attack by bandits a few hours before it happened in 2018, including hugging President Trump in 2016 one day before I met him in the flesh. I also dreamt, in 2019, before she was expunged from the Democrat primaries, that Kamala Harris would become president. Perhaps my dream was a tad off… or perhaps as Sleepy Joe continues to decline in his cognitive health (I do feel very bad for him), that a President Kamala will become reality regardless of what I believe in terms of who actually won the 2020 election. That is another story for another day! And let it hereby be known that about one month ago, I dreamt of a future presidential debate where I moderated, and to my left stood Chelsea Clinton. To my right stood Ivanka Trump!

In addition to dreaming of future events, I have dreamt of my best friend’s birth parents, two humans that she never knew. The mother featured a tiny body dressed in a long black dress that cinched at the waist with a flowy skirt and white blouse with little bow tie on her neck. The father featured a long thin face with pointed chin and reddish facial hair. In my next dream of these two humans, I dreamt of jovial dancing followed by a fire at a wealthy estate guarded by an iron fence.

Each time that a dog that I love is headed to heaven, I dream of Gwendolyn’s true love Chico, inviting this dog to play on a beach with him. This happened one month before I knew that Gwendolyn was sick. She met Chico on the beach, and she zoomed around like a puppy as Chico received birthday presents from other dog attendees.

I rarely dreamt of Gwendolyn when she was here. I think she was saving her dream moments for her afterlife. But I dream of Claudette nearly every single night. In fact, another of my recent unique dreams involved me visiting the OBGYN who cared for my mother during her pregnancy with me in 1981 – 1982. And at this meeting, the doctor showed to me a file containing my mother’s information. Paper clipped to the birthing documents was a small 1980s style picture featuring my mother in the hospital bed, me as a baby in her arms, and Claudette laying across my mother’s lap. When I described this to my bestie Rebecca, she said, “Claudette was in the plan from the very beginning. She was always meant to be.”

Rebecca is convinced that I am a medium.

When I was 17, I sat with my grandmother who contacted “the other side,” and this “other side” so happened to be my great-grandmother who predicted that one day I would move to Chicago. It happened 20 years later.

But really, my dreams about Gwendolyn are so very beautiful. She is either always with Claudette, or she turns into Claudette. The other night, Gwendolyn and I were completing a triathlon together in Pittsburgh. We completed the running and the cycling only to remember that neither of us can swim! Well, she had swim classes but hated the sport (lol), and I am unable to swim. So we bailed on the dream triathlon and rather retreated to my apartment where we ordered burritos and sweet potato fries from Native Foods Cafe (which so happens to actually be in Chicago, not Pittsburgh, lol). But at the moment of arriving to my apartment, she was no longer Gwendolyn. She was Claudette. Here is a video of Gwendolyn learning how to swim in 2011 (posted one year later in 2012), for your divine entertainment!

This reminds me that three years ago, I took Gwendolyn “swimming” at Lake Michigan, and in the video which I captured, I spied a “little Gwendolyn,” circled it, and posted to my Facebook page. Now I am convinced that this was Claudette.

And on the rare times that I have dreamt of my Gwendolyn since we said our Earthly goodbyes six months and four days ago, the dreams register as so potent that I know something exists beyond the five senses. There is a sixth sense, and I am one of the blessed humans on this Earth who see into this spiritual level of life.

Why in tarnation have I chosen to discuss my belief in Gwendolyn’s reincarnation on this date? It is because of Nicole Kidman and my desire to discuss her recent television projects. In my last blog article about my favourite girl crushes, I list Ms. Kidman as number two, second only to the sexy Lara Trump. I wrote about Ms. Kidman, “She shall assist me to transition to a very deeply personal announcement in my next blog post. Be prepared for something grand and heavy.”

Yes, that “grand and heavy” is that I fully believe that Gwendolyn is reincarnated as Claudette. In my formal reincarnation dream, she stepped into Claudette’s body and now roams this Earth with long legs and a wiggly bottom! She is no longer snobby but rather so happy it makes you think of a little kid at Disney World. Oh yes, this reminds me of another dream from last week: I was walking Gwendolyn and Claudette at the Magic Kingdom! It was incredible!

How does Ms. Kidman play into this? In Nine Perfect Strangers on Hulu, she stars as the guru of a boutique health and wellness resort intended to transform guests into a better state of living. The guests use hallucinogenics to connect with loved ones from beyond. I discover that when I drink gin, this is when I dream of Gwendolyn. And I like that. When I abstain from gin or replace it with wine, the dreams are blah. I felt a grand connection to these characters who experience out of this world moments in their hallucinations. It makes me think that my brain is so very unique in its programming that it can achieve this state of grand hallucination, yielding Gwendolyn, yielding my bestie’s birth parents, yielding Claudette on my mother’s hospital bed from my birth in 1982. It is a very excellent series, and as noted in my prior blog post, “the entire physical package [of Nicole Kidman] is perfection.”

This physical package is true also for her performance in The Undoing by HBO Max. If one is toying between both of these shows, I recommend first seeing The Undoing. It is short, thrilling, and sexy. AND IT FEATURES THE SEXIEST MAN EVER TO LIVE ON EARTH: DONALD SUTHERLAND. Oh my goodness gracious, he might be about 100 years old, but he delivers a PUNCH in The Undoing with his comment on “cocksucker.” Lol!

And has anyone seen his performance in Don’t Look Now from 1971? THAT love scene with Julie Christie is the way that sex should be, in my opinion. If anyone is doing it like that, then I applaud you. It is fun, adventurous, acrobatic, loving, and connected. Completely non boring. And their bodies are absolute perfection. My jaw shall drop every single time that I see this scene. It is amazing!

And to end this blog article on my “sixth sense” theme, do you know that Don’t Look Now was based on the novel by the same name by Daphne du Maurier? IRONICALLY (or ironically not), she is the author of Rebecca from 1938 which is THE FILM (1940) that caused Gwendolyn and I to fall in love with classic films. Same author, 33 years apart. 3*3 is MY magic number of nine.

AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF!… Hitchcock’s adaptation of du Maurier’s Rebecca begins with these beautiful words:

“Last night I went to Manderley again.”

Last night I dreamt of my Gwendolyn again.

The light in me recognises the light in you.