This book changed my life! Having recently celebrated my thirteenth year of studying and practising yoga, this book caused me to realise that somewhere along the way, I stopped focusing on my breathing and concentrated more favourably on the physical nature of the postures and transitions (I practise Ashtanga yoga). Additionally, this book caused me to realise that I was fueling my body like a triathlete, constantly fighting to stay at a low weight. When I discovered that Greta Garbo had practised under this book’s author of Indra Devi, I became fascinated to learn that Ms. Devi’s teacher was the one and only Krishnamacharya who also taught Pattabhi Jois (founder of the Ashtanga system). Thusly, when I learnt that Ms. Devi wrote a book on how to live, I needed to have it. After weeks of stalking available copies of her book on eBay and Amazon, I found a second edition fairly priced. On my first reading, I was angry. I was angry that she could eat so little when I, a self-professed conquerer of an old eating disorder, was fighting with my body in a pattern of eating and excercising. My body was suddenly looking fat despite my dedicated yoga practise. Boy did her chapters on eating thusly make my head feel so hot like a habanero pepper! But at the same time, I felt enlightened by her comments on breathing which as previously mentioned I had long ago abandoned. So for the past month, I’ve changed my breathing. And it opened up my practise. And suddenly, a fortnight ago, I felt the desire to reduce my food intake and to intermittently fast, Monday through Friday, in the mornings. AND I HAVE BEEN GRANDLY SUCCESSFUL. I am no longer fighting with my body and with my mind. I am lighter, happier, and more focused. After two weeks of living this new refreshed eating lifestyle, I have returned for an encore reading of the chapters on eating and fasting. And they no longer make me feel as angry but rather they make me feel as inspired and successful. I am very pleased with this book and shall return to it annually for a refresh. Thank you, dear Ms. Devi for having written this amazing book.

Pictured are the contents of my lap. Claudette, Ms. Devi’s book (open), and our next book about the great Kay Francis.