I have been unable to sleep all week! Impatiently awaiting the premiere of Sex and the City, a new chapter, formally known as And Just Like That, I have thought nothing more than of reuniting with my grand friends of Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte York, and Miranda Hobbes!

And it happens tomorrow. Tomorrow is the premiere. Tonight is the eve.

Sex and the City Eve.

Over the many years of my blogging activity, I wrote often about my love affair with Sex and the City. And I was criticised for it, being the recipient of such commentary as “Sex and the City is no longer relevant!”“You are so 15 years ago!”“Carrie Bradshaw means nothing in this modern world!”

LOL well hello, haters, I have proven all of you wrong to the great moon and back. CARRIE BRADSHAW shall be relevant forever!

In my 40 years of life on Earth, I have called off from a work commitment only two times. The first happened in January of 2001 when I had returned from my first semester at college with 69 additional fat ass pounds. I had spent the entire day bingeing on food and could fathom not of facing my boss who would judge my fat body. I called into the hotel where I worked and faked a sickness. The other time happened in 2003 when I was newly hired by a security firm as a service dispatcher. It began on Monday morning where I succumbed to the binge and purge of food. I called off, pretending to be ill. And I stayed in bed, all day long, watching Sex and the City, living vicariously through the DVDs that offered me a glimpse into the life that I wanted. Thinness. Fashion. Glamour. Love. Fun. Each day of that week, I called off. I thought that I would be fired. But by some chance of God, I retained my position and never canceled a work commitment again. But that week in bed with my girls of New York fortified a friendship that would last a lifetime.

I have watched every episode of Sex and the City at least 25 times.

My sister Stephanie and I speak to each other as though Carrie and company are real parts of our lives. And such is true. They are real.

I thought that I would be turned off by the politics of the humans who play these characters. I thought that I would be turned off by the replacements for Samantha. But guess what? Each trailer has rendered me to tears! And even Cynthia Nixon on promo pieces has made me think, “OH, MIRANDA! She is so beautiful!” rather than what I expected which would have been, “That liberal yahoo has ruined the franchise for me.” Oh yes, and newbie Nicole Ari Parker? She was the beautiful wife of Taye Diggs in BROWN SUGAR!!!!!!!!! And her real life husband took Monica to the spring dance in Love & Basketball! LOL. That is a resume du jour.

Yes, I am so chuffed and excited and over the moon about this new chapter!

Cheers to my girls. I am thrilled for our reunion of tomorrow.

The light in me recognises the light in you.